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Kevin Malone

The Narrow Gate Foundation

Retiring in '01 from the Dodgers organization after seventeen years in professional baseball, I have been been featured in Sports Illustrated, appeared on ESPN, Baseball Tonight, In The Jungle with Jim Rome (Fox Sports) and HBO's 'Real Sports'.

Spending time with sports mega-starts and celebrities was the norm so I have experienced the best of the sports world.

To view Kevin's testimony (via YouTube) aired on TBN click here.

I have also experienced great failure...

For me, winning was the purpose in life and was what success was all about.  Winning was god and it controlled my life. However, with all of its glitter and allure, the world, at its absolute best, comes in a distant second place to what Christ offers as a gift for all eternity.

Baseball, like the world, believes success is all about possessions, accomplishments, and material things: Money, trophies, rings, fame, power, titles, jobs, prestige, houses and cars...are the world's goals.

Although all of these provide temporary pleasure, they have no intrinsic or eternal value.  The world's barometer for measuring success is a moving target, ever eluding, unreliable and the ultimate deception.  It is an illusion that eventually leads to disillusionment, promising to fulfill hopes and dreams....but can't.  The world's success often cost people all that truly matters: Relationship with God, Family and Friends - and it will only give back shallow and insignificant dividends (if any return at all).

However, God through his Son Jesus Christ offers us a treasure that not only returns immediate dividends, but eternal dividends as well.

Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ does not guarantee worldly riches, fame, better health, a bigger house or luxury automobiles, but Christ does provide peace that passes all understanding and eternal treasures that will never fade away.  Treasures so indescribable that mere mortal minds can not grasp their worth, beauty or value.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.    I Corinthians 2:9

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